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Course curriculum

    1. A message from your instructor

    1. Registering a Domain Name (on GoDaddy)

    2. Setting Up Hosting on Flywheel

    3. Create Account on Flywheel

    4. Create a Site on Flywheel

    5. Explore the Flywheel Dashboard and Tools

    1. Purchase the Beaver Builder Theme and Page Builder

    2. Download Beaver Builder Software

    3. Record Your Beaver Builder License

    4. Compress Themes and Plugins

    5. Log into WordPress

    6. Install Beaver Builder Software

    7. Incompatible Archive Error When Installing Themes and Plugins - What to do

    1. Decide on Pages to Include and Organize Them Into a Site Map

    1. Create Your Pages

    2. Delete Sample Pages and Posts

    3. Create Menus

    1. Review WordPress Settings

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  • 64 lessons
  • 7 hours of video content

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