Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to On-Page Optimization

    1. Get Your Materials Ready

    2. What is SEO and the Search Engine Mindset

    3. Important: Have a Plan for Redirects Before You Change URLs

    4. Toto Coaching Helping You

    5. How to Lay Out and Break Up Your Content (Webinar Replay)

    1. AI for Content Writing (Webinar Replay)

    2. How to Optimize each Page of Your Website using Yoast

    3. Choose an AI-Powered Tool

    4. Set Up a Project

    5. Assign a Keyword and Set Up Your Tool

    6. A Tour of Our Tool

    7. Another Review: Assign a Keyword and Optimize a Page

    8. Next Optional Step - A Shortcut for Using Keywords

    9. Another Example of Optimizing a Page

    1. What are Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions?

    2. Create Customer Focused, Keyword Rich and Proper Length Titles and Descriptions

    3. Creating Optimized Title and Meta Descriptions

    4. Use AI to Write Titles and Metas, Break Up Content & Add More Content

    1. Share Your Optimized Pages with a Web Developer or Someone Else

    1. Internal and External Link Anchor Text

    2. The Importance of Adding Internal and External Links to Your Website

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