Course curriculum

    1. Intro to Local Search and Factors that Matter

    2. Get Your Correct Address

    1. Who is Allowed to Have a Google Business Profile?

    2. Information you will need to have to fill out your Google Business Profile

    3. Introduction to Google Business Profile, How to Set Up and Overview

    4. Quiz: Create a Google Business Profile Account

    5. Important Warning: Watch Before Changing Your GBP Address

    6. Accessing a Google Business Profile to Manage it

    7. Walk through GBP and gas it up

    1. What are Directory Citations and Aggregators and Options for Creating Listings

    2. Information you will need to have to build citations and aggregators

    3. Ordering Directories and Aggregators

    4. Next Steps: Work on Your Citation Builder Campaign

    1. Google Reviews

    2. Quiz: Google Reviews: How to Get Them and How to Respond

    1. Location and Geo Pages

    2. Ideas for Location and Geo Pages

    1. BONUS LEARNING: Structured Data Markup (not required, but interesting!)

    2. BONUS Quiz: What is Structured Data Markup and How Can it Help You

    3. Local Business Structured Data

    4. Quiz: Local Structured Data and How it Helps You

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