Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to Know Your Customer

    2. How to Get Your Thoughts Down in Writing

    3. Think Like Search Engines

    1. Let's do Discovery

    2. Review and Clean Up Your Discovery Document

    1. Buyer Personas: What are They and How They Help Your Messaging

    2. Let's Get Ready to Create a Buyer Persona

    3. A Quick Reminder About Transcription

    4. Create a Buyer Persona

    1. Basic Marketing Messaging: Create a Powerful Matrix

    1. Discovery All Complete! Clean it up a bit and get ready for promting

    2. Get Set Up On an LLM & Learn a Little Bit About Prompting

    3. Discovery Document Outline

    4. Tell the AI who it should respond as

    5. Prompt for Priming AI

    6. Begin Creating Your Discovery Document

    7. Prompt for Overview & History

    8. Continue Creating Discovery - Next Prompts

    9. Prompt for Product or Service Portfolio, Geographical Reach, and Competitive Landscape

    10. Prompt for Distinctive Brand Value and Unique Value | Proposition Brand Identity, Company Culture, and Client Perception

    11. Prompt for Market, Large Audience, Customer Profile & Acquisition Sales Cycle

    12. Prompt for Engagement and Purchase Decisions

    13. Prompt for Customer Retention

    14. Prompt for Business Objectives

    15. Prompt for Historical Marketing Efforts

    16. Prompt for Online Presence and Marketing Strategy and Goals

    17. Read Through Your Final Discovery Document

    1. Create a Buyer Persona Document - Prime the AI

    2. Prime the AI to Create a Buyer Persona

    3. Create a Buyer Persona Document Using AI

    4. Buyer Persona First Prompt

    5. Buyer Persona Second Prompt

    6. Buyer Persona Third Prompt

    7. Give Your Pain Points Table to AI

    8. Pain Points Prompt

    9. Get Insights

    10. Begin Getting Insights

    11. Create Tag Lines

    12. Website Content

    13. Create a Buyer's Journey

    14. Create Your New Buyer Persona Document

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