Course curriculum

    1. SEO and the Search Engine Mindset

    2. Quiz: Search Engine Mindset & Google's Business Model

    1. Check and Know Your Authority Score / Domain Authority

    2. Competitors' Authority Scores and Intro to Strategies

    3. What is Your Backlink Profile, Why Does It Matter and Ideas to Get More Backlinks

    1. Types of Keywords

    1. What would your customers type? Begin with Buyer Personas and AI

    2. Use Search Engines to Help Find Keywords

    3. Gathering Up Tons of Blog Post Ideas

    4. Finding Diamonds - Lead Magnet Ideas!

    5. Begin Using Tools for Keyword Research

    6. Another Tool for Keyword Research

    1. The Tool I Use

    2. Setting Up Some Options (and the difference between your root domain and www.)

    3. Connect Google Search Console

    4. Set Up Some Insights

    5. Now Use Real Data and Build You Lists Using a Tool

    6. Using Another Example: Use Tools to Find More Keywords and Save to a List

    7. Export Your List and What to do With Zero Volume

    8. Track your Keywords

    1. Organize Your Exported File

    2. Another Example of Organizing Keywords and Assign Keywords to Pages

    3. Another Example of Assigning Keywords to Pages

    4. Assign Keywords to Blog Posts

    5. What You Want Your Spreadsheet to End Up Looking Like

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